Dyno – Rolling Road


Audi A8 Dyno

2WD £60+VAT 4WD £80+VAT

  • Dynojet Dyno
  • Full AWD
  • Mechanical Link
  • Twin Retarders
  • Single Roller
  • Rated to 2000bhp

Our State of the art fully linked AWD Dynojet dyno has twin retarders, single roller design and is rated to 2000bhp. With the ability to permanently link the rollers we can perfectly simulate road conditions which keeps the latest 4wd transmissions happy during the power runs.

The dyno can be used for power runs to measure the cars current BHP and Torque, constant load tests, ramp testing and a host of diagnostic testing to identify any running issues.

To keep your car cool we have a huge centrifugal fan which allows us to have repeatable performance figures.

If you want to book a power run or organise a dyno day for your club or friends (group discounts available) then get in touch on 01142 701025 or email us sales@clpautomotive.co.uk


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