OEM vs OE vs Aftermarket

At some point or another, your vehicle will need to be serviced or repaired which usually involves parts of your car being replaced. The process of finding a garage that you trust can be difficult enough without having to then make the decision about the vehicle parts that will be used.


OEM refers to the original equipment manufacturer, for example Bosch or Pagid etc. These parts are made by the same company, the same way, with the same material as the manufacturer specifies. OEM parts will come in the original manufacturer packaging and stamped with their logo.

Main vehicle manufacturers, for example, BMW, Audi and VW contract the part with their specific specifications and design to part manufacturers such as Bosch and Pagid. Instead, these parts will be stamped and packaged with the vehicle manufacturer’s logo however the quality and fit of the part will be the same as OEM parts.

Why Would You Choose OEM Parts?
OEM parts provide you with the highest savings without having to compromise the quality. As the parts come from the manufacturer direct, they are of high quality but tend to be less expensive.

When and Why Would You Choose OE Parts?
There is a common misconception that using an independent car garage (such as CLP) to service your new car will invalidate the warranty. This is not true. At CLP, we service cars according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer approved parts – OE parts ensuring the warranty remains valid.

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Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are produced to serve the same purpose as OE and OEM parts but will be different in look and could be made with different materials. Obviously, these parts will be less expensive but the quality will vary. Some aftermarket parts are inferior because of the use of lower-quality materials. Therefore, it is best to pay that little bit extra for OEM parts in exchange for good quality.

At CLP, we only use OEM quality parts unless your vehicle is still under warranty, we will use OE quality service parts.

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