Scorpion Exhaust

Scorpion Red power is something which can’t be seen or touched nor is it a statistic on a piece of paper; it’s how ownership of a Scorpion exhaust makes you feel, how a unique synergy of construction, aesthetics, performance and sound is delivered.

Red Power evokes the passion, performance and heat of competition drawn from over 20 years of motorsport tuning and racing success. It embodies Scorpion’s drive for continuous engineering superiority, product and performance refinement, and above all sheer driving enjoyment.

Red Power also gives you the comfort factor that the system you have specified has been hand crafted by a Scorpion automotive engineer in the UK – not mass produced in the Far East like many of today’s most expensive brands whose popularity is simply the result of paid endorsements, media manipulation and advertising hype.

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You can be assured of the highest quality product and service, designed and manufactured in the UK

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