Today’s cars have changed so much over recent years, with the advent of remapping car ECUs that take control of all aspects of car management, from the maximum power and torque an engine delivers to its economy and driveability.

Whilst the huge advances in technical management of the way your car drives have made it far simpler for the consumer, it also means that tuning cars has become a far more complex task involving many small variables that can affect the ways in which your car performs.

Thankfully CLP Automotive are aligned with some of the industries best engine management or ECU tuners and offer a vast array of products that are designed to maximise the performance and economy of your vehicle in both stock and modified form.

We have mapping solutions for almost every vehicle. All our remaps come with before and after dyno charts, we like all our customers to have proof of their gains!

Why not call us on 0114 270 1025 today and ask to speak to one our Tuning Technicians about how to obtain the maximum from your car.